Soundwalk – Connective listening at Munich Creative Business Week

Die Karte / The map

Start vor dem HFF-Haupteingang. / Start at the HFF entry.

Spaziergang führt links am HFF Gebäude entlang bis zur Portalwand (hinten) vom Ägyptischen Museum. (ca. 2 Minuten)
Go left along the HFF building towards the Portal (backside) of the Egyptian Museum. (ca. 2 minutes)

Station 1 – Portalwand (hinten) vom Ägyptischen Museum (ca. 2 Minuten) / Stay at the Portal (backside) and play the track.

Bitte setzten Sie die Kopfhörer ab und gehen über die Straße zur Mensa Arcisstraße. / Please take off your headphones and walk over the street to the Menca at Arcistrasse.

Starten Sie bitte den Track, wenn sie das Mensa-Gebäude erreichen. Spaziergang führt am Gebäude entlang. (ca. 3 Minuten)
Start the track as soon as you’ll get in front of the Mensa (cantine) building. Walk under the stairs, around and back.

Als nächstes, genießen Sie einen kurzen Urlaub im Park 😉 (ca. 6 Minuten)
Next, enjoy a short holiday in the park 😉

Station 2 – versteckter Platz im Park neben der Mensa. (ca. 2 Minuten) / Go to the hidden place next to the cantine and start the track.

Spaziergang führt weiter an Gabelsbergerstraße in die Richtung Neue Pinakothek. (ca. 3 Minuten) / Go through a small path between the buildings towards the Gabelsbergerstraße. Turn right and walk the street towards the Neue Pinakothek.

Bitte setzten Sie die Kopfhörer ab und gehen über die Straße in die Richtung Neue Pinakothek. / Please take off your headphones and walk over the street in the direction of the Neue Pinakothek.

Station 3 – Wiese vor Neue Pinakothek. (ca. 5 Minuten) / Enjoy the last station at the meadow in front of the Neue Pinakothek.

Jetzt können sie gerne zurück zum MCBW Forum gehen. / Now you can go back to the MCBW Forum.

Bonus-Schleife / Extra Loop (ca. 4 minutes) [nicht barrierefrei]

Kleiner Spaziergang rund um Ägyptisches Museums Atrium – Blick von oben, da Atrium sich unter der Erde befindet. Highlight: “Purple” – eine der Statuen aus der Ausstellung „Begegnungen“ von Isolde Frepoli.
// We have prepared an extra loop around the top of the Atrium of the Egyptian Museum! (ca. 4 minutes) Unfortunately, it’s not accessible for visitors with motor disabilities – that’s why it’s just an addition to the main walk. The Atrium is located underground but it can be viewed from the special place between the bushes 😉 in front of HFF. Highlight: “Purple” – one of the sculptures of Isolde Frepoli.

Vielen Dank! Schönen Tag! ?
Thank you! Have a nice day!

Photo of a street in Munich promoting sound walk event presented by Found Waves studio

About the concept

In 2020 human beings need to connect first and foremost with their environment and treat their surroundings thoughtfully. Where do we live? What is the quality of living in this particular area? Could it be better for future generations? Our sound walk will encourage the participants to ask these questions and to experience a new perspective of the surrounding world.

A sound walk through Maxvorstadt where the participants dive into unexpected sounds and noises. Be ready to discover new perspectives on the world around you. Bring your own cell phone and headphones.

In this sound walk, the keyframe “Design connects!” is transformed into an audio experience. Visitors begin at HFF and go to certain places in the area, start a special sound playlist, hear unexpected sounds that cast a new perspective on this particular location. The next stop will be revealed at the end of each track. Bring your own cell phone and headphones. All links and info at the MCBW website and

More details on the MCBW website:

Photo by Max Kobus on Unsplash